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1st-Dec-2009 06:25 pm - he stole the tarts
Someone was supposed to be shipped to Hawaii
but came to surprise and bother me instead.

Tohru has had an upgrade! \o/

A little earlier than planned (it's his third birthday this Christmas)
but I probably won't have time to play with him until then, anyway. ^^;
My apologies, Tohru!

He has turned very dandy~~~
30th-Dec-2006 12:32 am - Okashii オカシ
This community was created as a photo blog for my BJD family.

Previous BJD-related entries are located in my personal journal.
(From June 22 to December 28, 2006)

Hinoki (桧)

name: Hinoki
meaning: cyprus tree

type: Blue Fairy TF Tommy boy
details: normal resin, sanded seams
face-up: default
birthday: June 28

likes: gardening, animals, manga and anime, sweets
dislikes: naps

personality: Optimistic, daydreamy, enjoys cosplay but doesn’t appreciate crossdressing. He finds joy in nature and exploring. He is often the target of strange and awkward happenings he has no control over. Interacts well with inanimate objects.

Tohru (桃留)

name: Tohru
meaning: steadfast peach tree

type: Blue Fairy TF Kyle boy
details: normal resin
face-up: default + additional blushing
birthday: December 24 (Christmas Eve)

likes: stargazing, reading, naps
dislikes: the sun

personality: Solitary and pensive. He resents being treated like a child and thinks himself too mature to enjoy the adventures Hinoki drags him along on. But he goes anyway, mostly to watch after Hinoki's safety. People may think he's emotionless but he really isn't... he just doesn't talk much.

Sayuri (小百合)

name: Sayuri
meaning: lily

type: Blue Fairy TF Premium Sweet Day May Valentine
details: beauty white resin
face-up: by Xiao
birthday: March 18 (St. Patrick's Day)

likes: Hinoki
dislikes: bugs

personality: Very self-confident and mature for her age. Fashionable with a taste for (classic) lolita fashion, she's always on the lookout for the newest trends. She enjoys hitting on Hinoki and tormenting Tohru in her spare time.


name: Castella
meaning: a type of cake

type: Blue Fairy PF Premium Sweet Day Minimay
details: beauty white resin
face-up: by Xiao
birthday: June 7

likes: Tohru / boys
dislikes: being bored

personality: Somewhat spoiled. Likes playing with fluffy and/or colorful things.
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